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Liquid fertilizer


    Sugar Alcohol Zinc 

    hydroponic nutrients solution sugar alcohol zinc fertilizer for vegetable fruit plants


    Product Description:

    1.This product contains mannitol, xylitol, lactitol, sorbitol and other sugar alcohols, which is the only substance that can carry mineral nutrients to transport in the phloem, also it can contribute to the movement, absorption and transfer of zinc in second times, and significantly improve the utilization rate of zinc, and can quickly meet the needs of crops on zinc, reduce the need of nitrogen and zinc, effectively prevent fruit drop,poor color of fruit,reduced rooting, dwarfism.

    2.The product is beneficial to the formation of indoleacetic acid, other auxin and chlorophyll, and strengthen photosynthesis, also, it can make plants RNA content increased, and promote plant growth.


    Usage instruction:

    1. This product is widely used to strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, long beans, grapes, apples, citrus, bananas, red dates, watermelon and other crops.

    2. Foliar spray - diluted in 600-1200 times water.

    3. Water flush, drip or spray irrigation, 2.5 - 5L per hectare per time




    Complex sugar alcohol



    Physical Property

    pH:7.0 (1:250), Gravity: 1.6

    Package: 25kgs/barrel, 250kgs/barrel, 1000L/barrel or as custom’s requirement.





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